Worship Spots in Penang

Penang Malaysia

With the myriad of cultures, races and traditions in Malaysia, the citizens here have had implanted an attribute to pay respect to the different worship spots and reach a point of common understanding between the variety of religions.

If you were to travel to Penang, it is quintessential for you to visit the worship sites as it is intricately built from scratch. The unique architectural makeup will appal you from the outer rims to the inner designs. From Mosques to Indian Temples, to Buddhist Temples- the number of worship areas is really endless. Listed below are just a few, to begin with.


Kek Lok Si Temple

Located sky-high at the foot of the Air Itam mountain, be prepared to be slapped by the breezy winds. With the designs carved with religious Chinese words and a diverse number of lanterns painted in vibrant, alluring colours. Not to forget, if you find yourself lacking the enthusiasm to challenge yourself up by stairs, there is a cable car to carry you towards your designated location.


Acheen Street Mosque

Mirroring the Egyptian era and being crafted by a wealthy arab, the exterior design is worth an instagram photo of its own. Although you are not allowed to enter the confinements of the mosque, the exterior layout is enough to make you feel aesthetically pleased.


Dharmikarama Burmese Temple

Established as the oldest Buddhist Temple in Penang, it upholds a range of traditions and preserves old traditions and practices. You can find statues representing several mythical creatures which illustrates a variety of elements on Earth.  


Kapitan Kling Mosque

Built by Indian-Muslim Traders, it is located within the World Heritage Site of Georgetown. In order to uphold its traditions, tourists tend to embrace and pay high respects to this central district.


Cathedral of the Assumption

This Church is almost as old as Penang is!


Penang is truly one of a kind- with its multifaceted style of living and multiracial citizens, you receive a myriad of worship areas; not only is it beautiful in the exterior, it is even more alluring inside. To explore these areas with a deeper insight and if you do want to feel a sense of connection to these places, book your flight to Penang! Consider staying in this family-suited resort called ‘Holiday Inn Penang’ via http://penang.holidayinnresorts.com/.


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