Workout 101: Preventing Pain on Your Knees While You Squat

December 12, 2017

Squats are an extremely technical process. If it isn’t executed properly, it may lead to dire consequences which may jeopardize your knees. Generally, squats may leave your knees at stake, however, it is a good practice for everything else.


Wearing the right gears

It is important to wear the right shoes to ensure that there is a grip to prevent you from slipping off the rims. Make sure to gear up with a sports shoes which are deemed appropriate for working out. Assure that your shoes are not particularly worn-out, instead, it should be relatively new.

If you have prior issues with knee problems, strapping on a knee guard may help to prevent you from any further complications in that area. Tighten the area and wear it correctly.


Proper knee-leg positioning

Whenever you perform a squat, your foot positioning should be one of the prime factors you should take into consideration. As each individual may prefer to execute what’s best for them, this is the theory in which is scientifically proven to work best for your knees.

Your knees should be in the same vertical alignment as your toes. You should feel as if you are sitting down on a chair- as the effect will be severely prominent on your glutes. You should always aim to warm up before doing squats- particularly, a 5-minute jog may be deemed necessary. Make sure that your back is straight whenever you squat, this will prevent any hip and back pain in the long run.


Common issues with your knees

Some common issues affecting your knees would fall in close proximity causing tightness, or swelling. Also, these are relatively common issues, you may need to visit a doctor as there may be certain internal dislocations.

Some more complicated issues as echoed by the names of it are, for instance, Chondromalacia Patellae.This particular problem may cause a frictional force between the ligaments of your knees which would lead to a rough surface surrounding your knees. Apart from that, a less severe pain would be Crepitus, which means ‘noisy knees’. It is not severe or damaging unless it starts to hurt!



Taking care of your knees is extremely crucial as it is the joint that allows you to perform actions such as walking, running, dancing and shifting your position from where you are to your preferred destination. Ebene’s knee guard provides relief to your knees in just an instant. Visit the link via http://ebene.com.my/ to get yours now!