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Why Medium Rare Steaks Are The Best

February 19, 2018

Why Medium Rare Steaks Are The Best

My personal opinion is that medium rare steaks are the best. There may be others who like their steaks cooked to medium, but anything beyond that is unthinkable!

Medium rare steaks for all

The longer the steak sits on the grill, the drier and tougher it’s gonna get. Unless you’re a devoted carnivore who’s into all chew and no taste, you should always opt for medium rare. It’s a heavenly combination of tenderness and flavour, without having to sacrifice either.

A medium rare steak will be pink in the centre with a hint of red, a result of sitting in fires between 130F and 140F.

Rare steaks are not for everyone

Everyone knows that steak doneness boils down to temperature. A distinct quality of a rare steak lies in its coolness in the middle. That means that the steak has not been cooked through, and maintains a red interior.

Eating a rare steak may not be for everyone. The cold slab of meat indicates that the fat in it never got the chance to simmer into a hot flavourful mess, which is the whole point of paying for a highly marbled steak in the first place.

Medium steaks are acts of truce

A medium steak is mostly brown with a hint of pink in the centre. It’s a bit chewy but at least the flavours are retained.

Chefs who know what they’re doing would never recommend a well-done steak, but what if customers want it so? The next best thing is to cook their steak to medium, leaving room to charr the steak even more if it is returned to the kitchen.

The best medium rare steak in town

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