Top Coworking Spaces in Malaysia for Solo Entrepreneurs

August 14, 2018

Work culture plays a crucial role in shaping your corporation. Factors for instance such as beliefs, surroundings, and attitudes will impact the work culture that will actually develop the very best of employees alongside organization. However, the working culture is consistently changing and evolving influenced by time. Freelancing as well as the digital nomad culture is becoming popular, which has a big difference around the traditional approach we take to think about working lifestyle. To serve these new trends, coworking spaces start show up everywhere around the world.

There is a vast options of coworking space in Klang Valley area. Making it simpler so that you can get an work space that matches towards your office wants and needs.



On the list of coworking spaces we’re also featuring is Colony @ KLCC. Colony’s mission is to always revolutionize their customer’s work experience. With all the digitalized marketplace, Colony’s objective is to always experience more in your own home. Even better, this serviced office is compact within the center of Pavillion and KLCC.

Colony aims to give you the best possible services and facilities to maximize your experience in a coworking space. Along with a workstation, you can enjoy facilities including the Sky Gym, an outdoor pool area, your own nap area, a cafe, and massage services. Colony also provides the flexibility associated with their space as your business address along with mail handling services, fulfilling the requirements of a virtual office. Should you be keen on holding events or meetings, Colony isn’t going to disappointed you using their beautiful event space and meeting rooms.

Coworking Space | Colony KL


Common Ground

Common Ground believes in teamwork and growing as a community. Even so the designs of the respective locations of Common Ground differs, their value and concept stay the same. Almost all their spaces materialize upon fostering a professional working space, although with the leverage to balance. They are currently based in the hubs of Malaysia and Singapore. With four main outlets in Malaysia.

The Common Ground Coworking space gives an array of services. They value their clientele very significantly, and puts their customers most importantly of all. This virtual office space allows your imagination to run wild. When you enter Common Ground, you can be within this cohesive community. Moreover, you’re going to be given access to our Common Ground (CG) App that connects you to other members in just a click. Also, they frequently host conferences to showcase innovative skills along with gaining knowledge from the mediocre ones.


Worq. Space

Another one available is Worq. Space, headquartered in Damansara. By offering all needs in a workspace, Worq. Space endeavor to manifest as a one stop productive space for their customers. Their goal is simply by constructing a productive community and helping them build in several ways.

Worq. Space have all the features in which a customer ever wanted. Whether it is their selection of hotdesk, shared, or private office in which a customer choose, a wide range of services can nonetheless be enjoyed throughout the office. Cozy spots, bottomless food, and gym are to name the few, there are a lot more benefits that Worq. Space intentions to keep a smile on customer’s face.



Does coworking space sound exciting to you? Uncover more what these different work environments offer when you visit, or now!