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Top Causes of a Bad Candidate Experience

May 24, 2019

The definition of candidate experience is the overall perception of the recruiting process in your company. From the screening process from recruitment sites to interviewing and hiring, the experience a candidate goes through matters for both them and your company.

Candidate experience is crucial as it could affect your company. A terrible candidate experience could lead to job seekers rejecting job offers or boycotting your company. Meanwhile, a positive candidate experience will bring good impacts to your company such as growing your talent pool and improving your employer brand.

recruitment sites jobstreet

Common causes of a bad candidate experience

  • Lack of response from employers

According to research, never hearing back from employers is the top reason for bad candidate experience. Everyone’s busy, but imagine putting hours of effort in preparing your resume, only to be ignored by a company.

  • A complicated job application process

Another cause for a negative candidate experience is a job application process that is too long. Job seekers will lose patience and quit in the middle of the process if it’s too complicated.

  • An unpleasant interview

According to a survey, 83% of candidates state that a negative interview can change their mind about a job position or company they once liked. An unpleasant interview includes rude interviewers and a poorly conducted interview.

How to avoid a negative candidate experience

Companies have to put in efforts to ensure each candidate has a positive experience when going through the hiring process. Some of the methods to avoid a bad candidate experience is making the application process short and simple and maintaining communication with candidates, even if they’re not qualified for the position.


There are many factors when it comes to candidate experiences, but carefully crafting the candidate journey will pay off in the end.

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