The Advantages of Automatic Bill Payment

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Long gone are the days where we have to drop by a post office or a customer service centre to pay our bills. With the help of the internet, our billing process is simplified now. These days, it’s possible to pay for our postpaid phone bills or Netflix subscription fees with a tap on our smartphone.

To take things to the next level, it is also now possible to enable an automatic bill payment plan. By allowing this feature, your monthly bill will be charged to your credit or debit card on a pre-determined date every month.

Why should you enable automatic billing? Perhaps this list of advantages will convince you to pay your bills this way:

It’s convenient

The obvious benefit of automatic bill payment is convenience. You’ll never have to make your way to another office to queue a long line for hours to pay another bill anymore. Once you establish an automatic payment plan, your credit card will handle the job every month without you asking.

postpaid digi

No more late payments

Sometimes when life gets hectic, it’s possible to forget your important tasks, including paying your bills. If you set your bills to be automatically paid, this won’t be a worry. Automatic bill payments give you one less thing to worry about, and it also helps your credit score!

It saves the environment

With your bills digitally settled, trips to the post office are no longer needed. You save more time and money, and most importantly, the environment. Paying your bills automatically online also greatly reduces the printing of paper, as digital receipts will be sent instead.

Earn rewards

Many credit cards let you earn points and miles when you pay your bills with them. These points allow you to buy plane tickets or redeem items from reward stores. Don’t let the opportunity to earn these rewards slip pass by enabling automatic payment with your credit card!


If you’re still not paying your bills automatically, let this be the article convince you to change your ways. The convenience and benefits of automatically settling your bills are too great to ignore.

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