Put Brands Aside: What Makes a Perfect Smartphone?

October 18, 2018

If you aren’t a technophile, your are only going to buy a brand new smartphone once your existing phone breaks or the technologies are too outdated. As you will find there’s possibility that you’re not that aware of the smartphone technology evolution, take a look at share things to consider in a phone prior to you buying.


Operating System

The world of smartphones is split into 2 major realms. Somewhere you will find there’s Android OS and also on one other there is certainly iOS. As Android is open source, it is usually readily customisable and you could personalise your user experience. iOS however, provides a more intuitive user experience. It’s rather difficult to say which is the best android phone, but those who value a higher mobile hardware specs could go for the Android line-up for example Vivo, Oppo, Huawei or Samsung.


Screen Size

Then, we have may be the size of the screen. You desire a screen size that enhances your user behavior. Don’t you end up finding yourself watching pet videos or playing candy crush on your phone? If that’s the case, then you might have to have a bigger screen on your mobile like the Vivo V7. If you only make calls and write texts on a regular basis, a huge screen is just not mandatory, and it could avoid the phone from fitting into your backpocket. Pick wisely.


Display Quality

On top of that, an outstanding picture quality could make or break a smartphone. Usually, the color quality and brightness of the screen display directly affects your user experience. A high resolution is nice to get, but it is literally overrated. in case you are outdoors, a comfortable screen brightness will allow you conserve life of the battery while enabling you to work with the phone easily.


Camera Performance

The 1st rule about camera performance should be to disregard the megapixels. Instead, you ought to give thought to other specifications for example, the aperture along with other special features. Some phones, like Vivo, will have the best smartphone camera with dual lens, such as the Vivo V7 that will create stunning images. These are the types of features you really want to get you the perfect selfie.


Storage Capacity

These days where videos, photo’s and games within your smartphone be more and a lot more important, you want to make sure to have plenty of storage capacity. We advise you to definitely go for around 32GB. Do you ever record a whole lot of videos or do you upload your entire meals on Instagram? Then consider 64GB of storage. Especially on your iPhone you should fully grasp how much storage you want, because you can not switch it after. However, on Android phones it’s simple to gain more storage on account of the Micro SD Card.


Vivo V7


Power Performance

The battery pack which doesn’t last long is often the challenge we’ve got, that is as to why powerbanks are so famous now. Considering the screen size, long-hour web connection and more, most smartphones could last less than a day. But, a smartphone that can last as long as 9 hours after full 4G streaming is a great one.


Additional Features

Sometimes, you’ll find a specific needs also. So, you really should check out some additional features that can help in making phone usage far more convenient. By way of example, manufacturers have introduced wireless charging for convenient, fingerprint scanner for security, and plenty of other features which can be good to have.


Ultimately, all this relates to your decision and budget. Should you be looking for an low priced smartphone, a new iPhone might not be the best option for your needs. But never worry, there are a lot budget smartphones on the market with other great features and specifications. .