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Featuring Ebene Malaysia: Ankle Guards & More

The traditional Chinese medicine previously discovered that proper blood & oxygen circulation is the vital thing to your perfect medical condition. Based upon this, Ebene, a Singapore-based company, had been founded to offer goods that are able to do exactly that, that will help to improve better health for many its consumers. Ebene’s Secrets The […]

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Novartis Psorisis

Psoriasis and Eczema: What’s The Difference?

What are they and how to tell them apart The symptoms of psoriasis and eczema can seem the same to an untrained eye, and if you suspect that you’re suffering from either of both, here’s how you can tell them apart:   Psoriasis It is famously known as an autoimmune disease. The skin cells in […]

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Penang Malaysia
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Worship Spots in Penang

With the myriad of cultures, races and traditions in Malaysia, the citizens here have had implanted an attribute to pay respect to the different worship spots and reach a point of common understanding between the variety of religions. If you were to travel to Penang, it is quintessential for you to visit the worship sites […]

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An Introduction To Islamic Finance

Islamic banking is identical to conventional banking, with the notable exception of a few principles. It isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and it’ll only take you five minutes, so let’s get reading! Syariah compliant It refers to all kinds of transactions that abide by Syariah law, as written in the Quran, Hadith, and Sunnah. […]

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The iPhone X: Is It Worth The Money?

The internet is swarming with reviews on the iPhone X. How much of a difference does a “notch”  at the top of the screen make? How secure is the Face ID? Most of all, how would you carry on without a hardy home button? If innovation calls for the annihilation of the home button, so […]

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Britannia Study Link

Best boarding schools in Wales, UK

Private boarding schools in the UK A guideline from the UK is all around saw as great among other tertiary preparing systems around. For Malaysians wanting to study in the UK, there are a couple of basic decisions to know, for instance, what are the nuts and bolts for the UKiset exams, best boarding schools […]

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Vivo Malaysia

Why are smartphones so important in our lives today?

As the world is evolving at such a rapid pace, with new technology constantly replacing one another, smartphones remain as one of the most valuable assets one could have. Although there are certain disadvantages that comes with owning a smartphone device, the goods that come with it definitely beats the disadvantages. Let us tell you […]

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Workout 101: Preventing Pain on Your Knees While You Squat

Squats are an extremely technical process. If it isn’t executed properly, it may lead to dire consequences which may jeopardize your knees. Generally, squats may leave your knees at stake, however, it is a good practice for everything else.   Wearing the right gears It is important to wear the right shoes to ensure that […]

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aig malaysia

15 Traffic Faux Pas Malaysians Should Stop Doing

The Malaysian people are an interesting specimen. We have so much in common, but none more pronounced than our love for breaking traffic laws. We love pushing the limits and seem to think that violating these traffic laws bring little to no consequence. To illustrate our point, we’ve listed down 15 examples of what we […]

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How to resolve a financial dispute?

Dispute resolution in Malaysia Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a kind of conflict resolution structure that is utilized as an other contrasting option to prosecution and intervention by an official court. Parties can in this way settle a reasonable exchange with or without the help of other people. Case is routinely dull, extended and astounding, […]

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