Key Notes For Evaluating Resumes

Evaluating resumes may be tedious as you could have piles and piles of incomplete work concurrently. Candidates may flood your emails with their resumes.

So what could make your task more manageable and how could you narrow down your list?

Here are some critical notes for evaluating resumes :

1.Scan for their job history and stability

Noticing an exponential growth in their performance is essential.

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You want candidates who are willing to learn. However, it is more crucial to look for candidates who exhibit a long-term prospect in your company.

A new hire is an investment; you want them to stay long enough to have a mutual benefit.

2.Scan for your candidates’ previous achievements

You want candidates who portray exceptional qualities as an individual.

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Look at their accomplishments and how they come to be who they are today. Most of all, past experiences make up a person.

3.Scan for your candidate’s cultural fits

It is noteworthy to pick candidates that would fit in different environments. You want candidates who are willing to mix around with different people and those who are open-minded.

Do you think they will be able to match-up to the way you spearhead projects?

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Do you think you will be able to communicate with them, freely?

4.Find out what you dislike about the candidate before you find the ‘yes-es.’

It is often easy to get swayed by the goods and forgetting the bads.

This one tip could save you hours. Too frequently, we see people trying to understand the ‘prime’ qualities of an individual.

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Everyone has conditions that they are proud of and may be a good fit for your company.

But, if you scan through the piles and search for things that disqualify a candidate, you will be able to spend more time with those potential candidates and drop the others.


Scanning resumes may be tedious, especially if your company does not have a certain rubric to cross-check¬†against. Check out Jobstreet’s approach to quickly shortlisting potential candidates.

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