Eating History: Italy

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Word-of-mouth and rumours tend to spread exponentially; which leaves a lack of proper closure on the backstory behind the history of food in Italy. The entirety of the Italian food culture is represented solely by their classic pizzas and pasta. It would be unfortunate to leave it as it is hence we will embark on a journey to dig deeper as to what the hype is all about- beyond their usuals.

Italy certainly goes way back in the timeline on their food culture, their marvelous food traditions commencing as early as the Roman Ages…


Roman Times

Although Roman Civilization fell short in the pool, staggering the growth and development of the Italian cuisine, some of the variety of food in those ages is still continually being consumed and preserved in this day and age. The quintessential wine, traditional food banquets and the variety of different dishes stems primarily from the Roman times.


Medieval History

Due to the partment of regions in Italy, as devastating as it sounds, took an unexpected catch in the  Italian Cuisine. The plethora of flavours, the handful of ingredients, the enriching and pleasurable kinds of food which were made prominent within the different subdivisions is largely benefiting our gruelling bellies today.

Seemingly divided by regions but patriotically united by the force of the Italian Cuisine.


Flourishing Trade in Northern Italy

As Italy is thriving economically, the quality of the ingredients used to devise new recipes propelled at a significant rate. During the medieval eras, even pasta was considered only for the wealthy as it is pampered with gastronomic elements.


The Renaissance

As the platform for portraying wealth remains highly competitive as seeming wealthy results in lots of advantages for your good selves as well as your family, families go head-to-head to remain highly ranked in the hierarchy.

Italian Families tend to express their wealth through creating the most embellished dishes and conforming to the social etiquettes by displaying a core set of expensive and rich stemwares.


Southern Italian Food

As Northern Italy was thriving economically with a propersing style of living, the Southern part of Italy was classified as an area for the destitute, overflowing and packed with a steep digit of individuals in poverty.


marinis on 57


Despite their constraints, one of the most exemplary dishes originated from Southern Italy- dry pasta, spaghetti. There will always be a good sign in every bad event.


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