Get Better Candidates With Jobstreet Singapore!

Jobstreet Singapore Jobstreet Singapore

With the advent of the internet and a world that’s becoming more virtual, recruitment and hiring processes have been shifted online. Jobstreet Singapore aims to facilitate this move to benefit both employers and job-hunting candidates! If you own a company in the midst of expanding, here’s how you could score better candidates with Jobstreet!

1) Get visible!

Listing your company and job ad on a recruitment site could bring increased visibility towards your direction. Build a brand profile by putting up your company’s vacancy online where potential candidates have a chance to view your offer through online channels rather than through traditional hiring agencies. 

Tip: Paint a clear picture of your offer and company so interested candidates would understand what you need immediately.

2) Have a better reach

Jobstreet Singapore Jobstreet Singapore

By putting your vacancy offer on Jobstreet, your offer could reach interested candidates that are better suited for your company through the site’s own matching process. This allows you to have a better and further reach into the sea of job seekers that are available online. 

Tip: When writing your ad, be clear with the keywords about the job position and responsibilities so that search engines could rank your ad better!

3) Save costs on the recruitment process

Opting for an employment agency may seem like a good idea, but for many businesses, they could be quite costly. Recruitment sites like Jobstreet Singapore are an ideal alternative as not as expensive while still facilitates the hiring process. If you’re looking for new hires, these sites do really well as younger talent, or fresh grads tend to look for job opportunities online. 

Tip: Get your ad to stand out by including some attractive visuals! From posters to videos, work on making your graphics bright and eye-catching while sending the right message.


If you’re a company looking to expand and grow with the right people, Jobstreet is the recruitment site you’re looking for. Learn more on how you could list your company and vacancy here

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