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Client Overview

With the largest Automated Teller Machines(ATM) network in Malaysia, the client has continuously introduced a range of third-party payments throughout its electronic payment channels. Added by the Malaysian Governments’ policy towards encouraging electronic and cashless payments for its services, the Royal Malaysian Police were desirous to provide a new channel for payment of traffic summonses. Our client was chosen because of its large and growing number of ATMs. The ATM should be able to perform all related inquiries and payment transactions of these traffic summons.


Presently the only available payment channels are via the Internet, over the Police counters, and at the Post Offices. Payments via the Internet only contributes to 5% of the total summons paid. In order to provide convenience and reduce outstanding payments, the ATM was chosen as an alternative channel.

Khairun Zainal Mokhtar & Tricubes Solution

Summons Enquiry & Payment

Bank’s ATM Screen will be configured for the user to perform Summon Inquiry using MyKad number. ATM Host will consume the secured service exposed by Tricubes m2e server to send the user request and get real-time response to make the payment. Upon successful payment ATM Host will send the payment update message to m2e service for secure payment transaction and a receipt will be printed for every successful payment

Integration to ATM Host & Enforcement System

Third party payment via ATM solution is required to communicate with the client’s enforcement system and bank’s ATM host. Tricubes m2e is used as a middleware to establish a secure connection between the enforcement system and the bank’s ATM Host. M2e handles the transaction load as it is designed to be highly available and scalable. It also generates a reconciliation report to perform end of day reconciliation between the bank and enforcement agency.


Khairun Zainal Mokhtar

Client Overview

As the largest bank in Malaysia, our client is continuously finding new ways to increase customer satisfaction by improving overall customer experience. Driven by customer acquisition, the bank intends to equip all its tellers with crossed functionality applications resulting in uninterrupted services across all tellers. 


To provide a secure end-to-end solution to address the hardware functional requirements, including software capabilities to interact with the banks existing account opening system, while simultaneously interfacing to the ATM Host for PIN issuance and changes.

To meet the expectations at hand, our solution includes:

  • Tricubes T1040i with a built-in MyKad / Smart card reader & Biometric Module
  • Device Application Modules for MyKad reading, Biometrics verification, PIN Issuance / Change including the interfaces with its account opening system and ATM Host for the following purposes:
  • The opening of an account using Tricubes T1040i allows for the reading of the MyKad and populating the bank’s Branch teller software system.
  • The biometric feature of the Tricubes T1040i provides the bank with the authentication feature that is required as a security protocol when a customer’s fingerprint is validated against the minutes that is stored in the MyKad.
  • PIN Issuance Automation for ATM / Debit & Credit Cards as compared to the traditional Pin Mailers. The latter process was cumbersome and costly, customers are now able to change their security PIN numbers at the point of collection using Tricubes T1040i

The Benefits

Khairun Zainal Mokhtar aims to reduce the cost of generating PIN Mailers & improve customer experience by utilizing scalable hardware that can be used for more functionalities in the future.

khairun mokhtar tricubes ceo

These series of case studies written by Khairun Zainal Mokhtar, CEO/Head of Design Engineering are designed to highlight various implementation of Tricubes m2e (Mobile to Enterprise) software in large or complex IT applications

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