Featuring Ebene Malaysia: Ankle Guards & More

The traditional Chinese medicine previously discovered that proper blood & oxygen circulation is the vital thing to your perfect medical condition. Based upon this, Ebene, a Singapore-based company, had been founded to offer goods that are able to do exactly that, that will help to improve better health for many its consumers.

Ebene’s Secrets

The secrets to the effectiveness of Ebene’s products lies within the ingredient that makes it. In some in the products, you could find tourmaline, which is essentially a form of mineral that emits alpha waves, infrared rays, and in addition ion which will provide heat towards the flesh to reduce pain during therapy.

Ankle Guards

If you happen to often experience discomfort, numbness, strain or pain in the ankle area, you can try an excellent product from Ebene, that is the ankle guard. Sticking with the same Bio-Ray that its products have, the ankle guard is going to do the job which could benefit various users, from sports athletes to the folks.

ankle guard malaysia
Ankle guard is not only to be worn during rigorous physical activities. You can also wear them for everyday use.

With a contoured design, Ebene’s ankle guard can be worn perfectly fit by everyone. As with all the other Ebene products, the ankle guard relieves pressure yet still time increases circulation efficiency around the ankle. It’s therefore recommended for athletes make use of for extended sports performance.

Knee Guards

In Malaysia, Ebene is also well known for the knee guards. The product is made for who find themselves active in sports, the elder people, and consequently those experiencing pain around the knee because of many reasons. According to the needs you have, Ebene offers standard knee guard and knee guards with metal support.

The item comes with an adjustable strap, that helps to make maximum comfort to its user irrespective of the body size as they are free to readjust accordingly. When used regularly, Ebene knee guard will allow you to reduce inflammation and swelling by promoting better blood flow into the knee.

Compression Socks

To add, Ebene comes with compression socks which usually can be worn consistently. It assists to increase blood and oxygen circulation, that should eventually lower the pain you’re experiencing. Furthermore, the socks ensure that your feet warm, thereby helps to prevent foot cramp you have got at night.

This sort of product is exceptionally great because of the versatility. Individuals who wear shoes for a long time, active athletes, or physically disabled individuals can get the most out of the product. Having said that, Ebene’s foot massage socks is really a household product everyone ought to have!

Where to Purchase Ebene’s Products?

When you are interested to find out other great wearable products that you can consider to increase your wellbeing, for example, the compression gloves, and much more; please visit Ebene Malaysia’s official website now. Ebene’s items are now available in Guardian and Caring Pharmacy nationwide for sale.

If you’re interested in Ebene’s ankle guard, visit this page: http://ebene.com.my/products/ankle-guard-with-bio-ray-technology/

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