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5 Tips To Avoid Money Leaks In Business

August 29, 2019

There’s no denying that the business has fluctuated. However, if you did your best but still did not achieve success. There may be some shortcomings and problems in terms of procedures, buying and other factors. However, it is important for you to be wise in managing your expenses and finances to avoid any problems.

As a business owner, of course you need some tips like tips to prevent money leaks in business.

office space common ground

Have a Monthly Budget

If you do not want the money leak to occur, it is important that you consider the monthly budget. This is because, in order to prevent the company from causing huge losses and will cause you to shut down the company. You should also be wise to control the company’s money on a monthly basis. You need to know where exactly the money goes. Is your office space rental already covered? Is your monthly marketing budget in there?

Think again about how you want to make a profit. Next, make sure your strategy is consistent and don’t just stop.

Managing Monthly Spending

In addition to having a monthly budget, you have to manage your monthly expenses. However, you should always be careful about managing your monthly expenses, because misplaced steps can result in huge losses to the company.

Imagine if you were still paying for a deprecated service, would that have led to a monetary loss? of course, yes. Think again about the best way to manage money in a more organized way.

Avoid High Interest

If you would like to make any bill payment, be sure to get the email address first. In the event of any problems, you have time to fix them. You need to know the reason for your loan and avoid high interest rates. Otherwise, a possible money leak may occur.

Undoubtedly, using a credit card will make the job easier, but it will make your company more in debt. In addition, tax payments are also important for you to pay and is a law that must be complied with. Otherwise, it will cause problems later.

Know What Finance Managers Do

While we may not be able to do all the work, it is important for you as an entrepreneur to take care of what finance managers do. Because, not everyone is trustworthy and you better be prepared.

A successful entrepreneur, they must be skilled in all kinds of tasks. If not, how would you like to know all the advantages and disadvantages of the company. It is clear here, how important it is to know your finances to avoid being fooled.

Controlling Company Inventories & Supplies

It doesn’t matter if you run a business like opening a restaurant, making clothes and so on you need to know how to manage your inventory and supply company wisely to maximize profits. However, if you are not wise to set the strategy, it will indirectly cause your company to suffer great losses.

In addition, you are responsible for hiring reliable and disciplined employees to monitor your company’s inventory and supplies. Because, to avoid theft, damage and even waste.


In summary, we as entrepreneur should always aware what is happening with our cash flow. Where did we spent our money? Where did it go? Hence, a basic financial knowledge is a must for an entrepreneur. As important as the financial, managing skill also playing a bigger role.