shaves2u review

4 Things I Love About The Shaves2U Trial Kit

May 28, 2019

Since last year, I am a subscriber of Shaves2U.

You might ask, what’s Shaves2U? Well, they are a company that sells cheaper razors and other shaving products, compared to other rival brands. There are plenty of aspects that makes Shaves2U unique, and I’m happy to share them with you today.

Everything is done online

In this day and age, there’s an app and website for anything. Now, Shaves2U doesn’t have an app yet (but they probably can work that out) but they do have a website where all the magic happens.

Shaves2U doesn’t have a physical store so you have to order your products online. You can also customise your order on the website, as well as get customer support at their website or social media pages. Who needs to walk to a store when everything can be done online?

They deliver to your doorstep

As I was saying, walking to the store to buy supplies is such a chore sometimes. When I arrive home late from work, or if it isn’t convenient, I don’t have the liberty to drop by the store to get my shaving needs.

Shaves2U solves this delivering your package straight to your home. With an online ordering system, you’ll never have to leave the house ever again!

shaves2u review

It’s cheap

The main reason why I switched from using other brands is the low price. I’m not a hairy person, so it doesn’t make sense for me to purchase a ridiculously-priced razor only to shave a few times a week.

A Shaves2U trial kit gives you all the basic needs of shaving and sells at a reasonable price. With the other benefits stated above, I would say it’s such a great deal.

It’s also good quality

Some people might doubt Shaves2U because of its low price. Certainly, it must be low quality, right? But I beg to differ.

Shaves2U works just fine as other shaving brands, at least in my case. The razors are sharp and durable. The shaving cream is refreshing and makes the shaving experience much smoother. I think it’s really worth it for its low price!


I have a good experience with Shaves2U and I’m happy to share my review. I hope it will convince people to give it a try. You can start your trial plan with just RM6.50!