Grant Application Steps

4-Step Guide To Improving Your Online Charity Grant Application

February 2, 2018

Traditionally, the only way to apply for a charity grant was to submit your proposal by post and hope for the best. These days, nonprofit organisations that provide charity grants are shifting their grant applications online, which is efficient, but introduces a new learning curve.

The nature of online charity grant applications

  • Going paperless is the way forward.
  • The submission of your proposal is immediate and practically guaranteed to be received.
  • The quality of information entered by applicants online remains poor.

Funders need all the information they can get to determine if their money will be well spent, and it’s your responsibility as an applicant to do just that.

For that reason, we’ve created a guide to help you improve your online application:

Account username and password

This really shouldn’t be mentioned, but it just keeps happening. You have to keep track of the account username and password at all times. If the person responsible leaves and you can’t access the account, you’ll have to start from zero again.

Sisters of Charity Foundation

Draft your proposal in a word document first

Writing your application directly in the online form can be very time-consuming. Instead, prepare all your information in short paragraphs and points so that you can simply copy and paste them into the relevant fields later.

Take note of limitations

All online application forms have limited word counts and allowances for special characters such as bullet points or apostrophes. If your original proposal is also heavy on infographics, be prepared to translate all of that into text.

Have a volunteer program ready

A majority of nonprofits and corporate organisations expect applicants to have a volunteer program in place so that their staffs are given the opportunity to participate. You can satisfy this demand by having a solid volunteer recruitment and retention plan.

The Sisters of Charity Foundation

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive guide, please visit the Sisters of Charity Foundation‘s website. Discover more at