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15 Traffic Faux Pas Malaysians Should Stop Doing

December 3, 2017

The Malaysian people are an interesting specimen. We have so much in common, but none more pronounced than our love for breaking traffic laws.

We love pushing the limits and seem to think that violating these traffic laws bring little to no consequence. To illustrate our point, we’ve listed down 15 examples of what we do best!



What for? We expect fellow drivers to anticipate our next move, and if they can’t read minds, that’s their fault!

Flicking the signal takes only a millisecond of our time. Let’s start using it.



Why do we keep to the right lane at a roundabout when we actually intend to take the next exit? We come dangerously close to missing our exit and then make a sharp swerve to the left.

Also possibly the only time we’re inclined to use our signals.


Merging into traffic

Okay, this blunder is a little more forgivable than the rest. Even our well-meaning parents tend to do this: coming to a complete stop when merging into other lanes.

Instead of being panicky, continue forward at a reduced speed and accelerate when the time is right. The last thing you want is a car smashing you in the rear for your split moment of indecision.


Beating the traffic light

Such a classic. Green means go and red means stop, but we’ve really turned the tables on this one. It’s even more exciting when the light is yellow; full throttle ahead!

But seriously, we could collide with another vehicle if the timing was unfortunate. Don’t try to beat the system; it’s there for a reason.


Tailgating the ambulance

This one provokes the fury of many. It’s one thing to block an ambulance, but trailing it is just such a lousy move!

It’s so reckless and stupid that even Lewis Hamilton wouldn’t do it, so why should we?

We’ve gotta clean our act up before we end up hurting other people, and it’ll be too late by then.


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