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AIG Malaysia: A Complete Insurance Coverage Plan

Being one of several pioneers of insurance services in Malaysia for more than 60 years, AIG serves Malaysia by supplying quality delivery concerning insurance and risk management solutions. Ever since the day the building blocks is set in 1953, AIG’s consistent development caused a gradual boost in their own network of agents, brokers, and scheme, […]

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psoriasis novartis

Is it time to switch to biologics?

There are many medications and treatments available for psoriasis. Topical creams, light therapy, and oral treatments are some of the ways to keep psoriasis at bay. In recent times, biologic medication has shown great success in clearing psoriasis flare-ups. They are made of proteins produced by living cells, unlike most drugs that are made from […]

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health & safety

Things Should Know About regarding Lafarge ProSolutions

Malaysia is evolving to the concrete area. This development is especially prominent throughout these few years. Development assists economic growth but also pollute the community also. One good thing is, Lafarge ProSolutions is here now to offer environmentally sustainable construction professional services and products to corporations and individuals. Lafarge ProSolutions: The Best Choice in Building […]

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Put Brands Aside: What Makes a Perfect Smartphone?

If you aren’t a technophile, your are only going to buy a brand new smartphone once your existing phone breaks or the technologies are too outdated. As you will find there’s possibility that you’re not that aware of the smartphone technology evolution, take a look at share things to consider in a phone prior to […]

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beard styles

The Main Advantages of Shaving Daily

Nowadays, it is not only ladies who need to value their personal appearance. Men should also do this. Gentleman style is today trend where men wish to look neat, tidy and clean but wait, how to look like a real gentleman? Begin by shaving each day! Men started to pay more attention to their shaves […]

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Why Shave Regularly?

Nowadays, both ladies and men have put concentrate on their personal appearance more than ever. Shaving is probably the most discussed topic among men. That is certainly understandable because due to the high testosterone level, guys are generally more hairy in general and there are great reasons they must shave everyday.   Faster Hair Growth […]

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